Quality Policy

We're utterly compromised with our quality policy, in bringing products an services that give the best customer experience, and also resolving needs and exceeding expectations.

Our quality management system, vision, mission and principles warranty the continuous improvement of our team and products and services.


Be an enterprise of excellence IT solutions; be known, chosen and recommended


To bring modern TI products and services, with smart integration. Simplicity, Autonomy, Productivity and Quality; with personalized assistance; supporting the growth and operational continuity of our customers.

Our principles

Our principles define our compromise with our customers, providers, staff members, community and environment. Their are our "work culture" and guide our team on their actions.

Team work and development      

We encourage everybody the integration and participation in order to accomplish our common goal. We treasure and share the knowledge and experience, we recognize attitude and aptitude of each one.

Ethical conduct and integrity

We act with professionalism, integrity and respect to other people or organizations. We treat our customers data with absolute confidentiality.

Customer centered

We center our efforts on improve our customer experience, with products and services that truly resolve their needs and exceed their expectations.

Innovation, Quality and Results

We promote the research, innovation and continuous improvement in order to accomplish your goals and the maximum quality from profitability criteria.

Continuity and environment

We assume a social and cultural compromise of bringing value to the community and keep business strategies in harmony with the environment.